My name is Melisa Arndt and I want to be your representative for the 42nd District of the Wisconsin State Assembly. 

I am a Wisconsin native, raised in a blue-collar family often struggling to get by. I am a mother, a nurse, an Army veteran, and a community advocate.

With my husband Joe, I raised two daughters in the Rio School District.  We were active parents supporting school sports and music programming. I remain active in our church, Living Gospel Church. Though my personal faith is important to me individually, I respect and value each person’s own perspective. 

Though I was initially reluctant to run for an elected position, friends, family members, and community leaders convinced me that running for Wisconsin Assembly was the way I could most effectively advocate for my neighbors–you in the 42nd district. I would like to use my communication skills, my ingenuity and my ability to get things done to serve you: my constituents year round, not just during campaign season. 

Perhaps my most important qualification is how others describe me: a good listener, an active learner, energetic and efficient. My personal and professional experience all contribute to the person I am today.

  • Currently employed as the practice manager for a family medicine practice serving a variety of people in need.
  • Licensed Practical Nurse-UW Health Dept of Family Medicine and Community Health (2013-2019)

As a non-traditional nursing student and graduate, I offered real world perspective to the resident physicians fresh out of medical school. Being able to assist in the training of our future practitioners was rewarding and a learning experience like no other.

  • Ten years as an EMT with Rio EMS allowed me to appreciate the wonderful people and the unique needs of many in our community. This experience solidified how rewarding service to others can be.
  • Wisconsin Chapter leader of Free Mom Hugs

What started as a grassroots organization offering social connections to those estranged from their families is now a nonprofit with chapters in 48 states. We are dedicated to educating families, churches, and civic leaders to affirm and celebrate equality for all. 

  • Armed services veteran in US Army Reserves (ret.) with sharpshooter training. 

My time in service taught me self-discipline, time management, and solidified my love for this nation.

  • Parenting two daughters taught me humility and appreciation for the complexities of issues young women and all youth face. Being so close to my family and my husbands’ family has shown me the challenges seniors and those struggling with health conditions face.

I hope that in getting to know me a bit more, you will be moved to vote for me, Melisa Arndt, for the Wisconsin Assembly, serving the 42nd district in November.

Learn More About Melisa’s Life and Priorities for the 42nd

In this video: What issues would you prioritize if elected to the 42nd District? What group in your community is doing great work? What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment?

In this video: What’s one of the best things about District 42? What’s your strategy for balancing work and family? And what qualities would make you an effective legislator?

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